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All of these straight poles/tracks are avaliable up to 600cm. If the pole/track is being bent, it would be slightly less.

As standard, all our poles/tracks come with 10 gliders per metre. When surf is fitted, the pole length determines how many gliders there are and the curtains are made accordingly.

On most of the poles/tracks, it is easy to remove or add gliders.

(The corded Distinction 28mm pole comes with cut outs especially designed to allow the removal or addition of gliders - without dismantling the end set)

If vehicle space is restricted, we can ship directly to the site of the project.

Stairwells and lifts can also make it difficult to transport the pole once on site, so we would suggest considering using a connecting bridge or intermediate pulley to halve the length of the pole.

Because the cord is joined inside the channel with a specific cord joiner, it can be difficult to adjust on site. Please call our technical helpline on 01206 877640 for advice if this occurs.

The creation of Surf is simple once the concept has been explained. Please phone our technical helpline on 01206 877640 to discuss in detail.

An intermediate pulley increase the carrying capacity of the pole/track.

We would recommend using one if you are ordering a large bay or the pole/track has 90 degree angles or reverse bends.

An intermediate pulley allows the client to draw only one curtain out of a pair if required to shade the sun.

You always have to have a cord pull both sides with an intermediate pulley.

Uncorded poles/tracks are simple to trim down, but corded are not so easy. If needed, please call our technical helpline on 01206 877640 for advice.

Our warranty covers a replacement product only. In the unlikely circumstance of the poles developing a fault, we will usually send a replacement and arrange a courier to collect the faulty one.

Whilst we will do our utmost to resolve problems fairly, we are unable to accept claims for a fitters time and any consequential loss.

Both if possible, as they cannot contradict each other if they are measured accurately. The baseline measurement (across the face of the bay) is also extremely important.